Stealing From God – Why Atheist Need God to Make their Case

Reasonable Faith Mid Michigan meets with  Cornerstone EPC each Wednesday for a meal at 5:30 and a great study at 6:45pm. Current studying Why Atheist need God to make their case. Using video’s from Dr. Frank Turek, we will look how reason, information, morality, Evil and Science which atheist often say are reasons that God doesn’t exit when in fact, none of them would exist unless God did.

MId Michigan Reasonable Faith Kick Off is Thursday Feburary 11th at 7:00pm!

We are bringing in a special speaker just for the kick off! Tim Barnett from Stand To Reason ministries will be speaking on the fine tuning of the universe – how the universe is delicately balanced just for us!
Tim is a dynamic speaker who trains Christians to think clearly about what they believe and why they believe it. Tim is a full-time apologist, a science teacher, and works part-time at his local church. Tim has degrees in physics and education and is working on an MA in Philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary